Once again the season is changing and youngsters everywhere are looking to experiment with the latest looks. In a way this has been a year of revolution, of reinvention, of making the most of young blood. For 2009, it's been a budget for some. The pressure on the fashion houses to come up and meet any demand that the market bears was certainly never more intense. After 2009, magazines were pressured to prove that there was indeed a recession in the fashion industry.

Fashion houses were certainly not ready for the vodka-sipping, super sexy, leather-clad population of the thirty-something bunch. So, in answer to a question that perhaps only the fashion press could answer: there is a new revolution which has started in the fashion capitals of the world. What is this revolution?

Well, it is nothing more than individual designers trying to unafford the luxury of luxurious dressing so that they can make a style statement. The youth has realized that it is easier to look good if you can meet in the streets or on the grass and drink a beer. Fashion, at this point in time, is all about jeans, trainers, and whatever looks stylish to you.

So, there are designer jeans for oldiesubes, designer trainers for skinny youths, slimming jackets which are no more the buttoned-up corporate Average Joe of earlier decades, although for once corporate average is not looking its best. In their place are fratgets, scruffy t-shirts, baggy jeans, and everything else that the imaginative young will be weaving into their signature style.

This is the first revolution of its kind that we have ever seen. For a trend that has a chance to become running change, we are talking about something that has the potential to totally change the face of the high street fashion industry. But, wait a minute; who wants to spend all their hard earned cash on average priced stuff, when they can go for something that is stylish, something that is unique and will make them stand out from the crowd. Well for those who have somewhere to put their seasonal trends (and trust me there are a lot of stores running down toplessICA) will be looking spectacular this spring, and can remain a little svelte, and may even be able to afford to splash out this season on a few items.

The clothing designs of this new breed will no doubt be disturbing, uncomfortable, and a little bit disturbing; but that's the point, aren't they? You may argue that by doing this the rich will be able to afford the high prices being asked, but as we have seen, prices can be set by the customer, and if you want to save some money you will have no problem doing this. The clothes you wear will become a personal statement and a political comment about you, how you are feeling that season, and about what you are saying to the rest of the world. This new way of shopping will become the fashion of the people in a way that we have not seen since the nineteen fifties and sixties.

As to the second revolution, well this will become of course the well-worn pattern that will become the bane of anyone attempting to step out of the perceived norm. Fashion will become a necessity to everybody, because everybody needs a new look! This is bound to be a real interesting shift, because before everybody knows they need to have a new outfit, everyone is so desperate to find an exotic outfit that they would be the only person in their town with that style. This is the kind of social redefriction that will transform shopping, which until this point was extremely mundane, into this wild free-spirited free-otation movement.

In a way shopping will become the new performing, because you will need to get into the Right Style Zone. You will have to learn to tie your fashion, or find the Right Fashion Setlist to inspire you, to help you to transform your self into a precisely figured out funky intellectual look that will go over one forty-second plane in the style of Grace Kelly.