Every person has a unique body shape. These are the shapes that your body could be:

Small or Small

This is the smallest of all body shapes. Your body is too small for big and baggy clothes that will fit you nicely. Clothes that are too big or square will make you look bigger than you actually are.

The key to dressing is to pick clothes and combinations that fit your shape well. Because this shape is small, when you choose to wear bright and blatantly patterned clothes, it will make you look bigger. When you wear clothes that are not too overwhelming you will look just as good as everyone else. Just because you're smaller does not mean that you can't look as fashion forward as anyone else.

If you want to look slim, try wearing vertical stripes. You'll creating an illusion that your neck and waist are shorter than they really are if you keep them from getting too short. If you keep your profile straight and look through the dress you will give the illusion of elongating you automatically. A wrap dress will also help you look slender.


This is the biggest of all body shapes. Ladies with this shape tend to gain weight fast and have paycheck problems. If you're already not wearing the clothes that you should be wearing because they're worn out, and need to get some new ones, then this is very ideal for you. As long as you wear proper undergarments such as bras, panties and Tank tops they will help you look cleaner. Your legs will look longer and slimmer if you wear the proper underwear.

For the best look you should keep everything from the chest and shoulders out of your view. This means that you should never show any cleavage. By keeping yourself from seeing everything, you can be sure that you will look your ultimate best. If you have great legs you should show them off by wearing short skirts. V necks are another great way to show off your bust to your best advantage.


You have the legs for running around and living to the fullest. When shopping you should pick clothes that have the effect of elongating your body without being too harsh on your curves. One of the best ways to dress up is to flats, and one of the best flat designs is a boot cut dress. Boot cuts are a great way to make your bust look bigger and below your waistline. If you can't wear a flat style to make your body look elongated, then wear a dark colored wrap or a skirt to the knee.

If you're curvaceous you should try to attract attention away from the curviness. What you should be doing is attracting attention to your best feature. If you have amazing legs stick mostly to straight skirts and well fitted pants, they will help you look skinnier.


You are short and should avoid styles that are above the knee. Capri pants look great on the right curvaceous woman and gives her height. If the woman has a smaller behind she should wear longer flowing pants and hemlines that fall below the knee. Boot cut and flare are other great styles that flatter a shorter figure. Adding a few handbags to your outfit will help you look bigger and taller.


Ailian Diaz, of Diaz Clothing says that the best part about his line of clothing is that they can fit any height, any weight and any width. It's the type of clothing that should have an easy care label: "This is a flattering, comfortable garment."